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This Summit represents the future impact of solid-state atomic and fusion energy.


In conjunction with International Conferences on Cold-Fusion (ICCF) community, who have been the pioneers of the field since the 90's, we will engage perspectives from government, academia, industry, and the investment sector to critically discuss the potential of a shortcut to fusion power. 


We invite a broad representation of backgrounds and expertise in physics, materials science, and more to join us in exploring how solid-state energy could ignite a new pathway of energy production.  


Investment in a clean energy transition is critical to the health, wealth, and security of people around the world. Let's create clean energy by exploiting technology and physics discovered after the 1960's.  At that point in time, nuclear power derived from weapons programs seemed good enough for the industry, and innovation slowed.  Today we have evidence that there are options for simpler cheaper and safer energy, that the cleantech industry is ready to distribute.  


Join us for panels, presentations, and round-tables with government, academia, industry, and investors from invited organizations such as ARPA-E, DARPA, NASA, LENRIA, Industrial Heat, Brillouin Energy, Clean Planet, and more. 

  • CONNECT with influential government, research lab, and private-sector leaders especially around partnership or funding opportunities. 

  • ENGAGE with peers via seminars and panel discussions on technical topics related to low-energy reactions.

  • CONTINUE to shaping the trajectory of low-energy research and technology development. 

  • LEARN about cutting-edge engineering applications relevant to new clean energy technologies.



Monday, July 25 - Thursday, July 28, 2022 

Time: 8:00am - 5:00pm


The 2022 Solid State Energy Summit will be a hybrid event, hosted in-person at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, and virtually on-line via our host platform HopIn.

Computer History Museum

1401 N Shoreline Blvd,

Mountain View, CA 94043

CHM outside.jpg
CHM Second Floor.jpg


CHM’s Grand Hall is directly adjacent to our main conference area, and hired local catering will provide, lunch, snacks and beverages throughout the conference days.  Lunch is included in most of the conference registration packages. There are over a hundred commercial restaurants in Mountain View and nearby Palo Alto for those wishing to explore their own dining, breakfast and dinner.  Delivery options via GrubHub Doordash and UberEats provide food delivery options as well.



San Francisco has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate characteristic of California's coast, with moist, mild winters and dry summers. San Francisco's weather is strongly influenced by the cool currents of the Pacific Ocean on the west side of the city, and the water of San Francisco Bay to the north and east. This moderates temperature swings and produces a remarkably mild year-round climate with little seasonal temperature variation. The average low is 59 and the average high is 77 for the month of July in San Francisco.

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