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Yo! There's Energy in the House

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Mountain View, CA - When science and the arts meet, magic happens! Rap artist and science communicator Baba Brinkman debuted two songs and performed at the ICCF24 banquet.

Brinkman’s song and music video “You Must LENR” premiered at the opening of ICCF24 on Monday, July 25. The song has many call-outs to the champions of LENR science. Baba affectionately referred to LENR scientists as “oddballs” and “nerds”:

Crazy times call for crazy moonshots too And this isn’t ’89 it’s 2022 And science is about finding out something new So what you gonna do? Quit, or tunnel through?

Anthropocene’s Founder Carl Page explained the decision to use the song at ICCF24 and for the field: “One of our main goals with ICCF this year is to attract young STEM students and entrepreneurs into the promising field of solid-state fusion energy. Using music, and in particular rap, is one way to attract the attention of younger audiences. Baba Brinkman is a talented, innovative rapper who can grasp technical concepts and communicate them in ways that really spark young imaginations.”

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