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IEEE Spectrum - NASA’s New Shortcut to Fusion Power

Lawrence Forsley and colleagues have now been highlighted in IEEE Spectrum, “NASA’s New Shortcut to Fusion Power, Lattice confinement fusion eliminates massive magnets and powerful lasers.”

In the article, Larry and his coauthors Bayarbadrakh Baramsai, Theresa Benyo, and Bruce Steinetz explain how NASA has traditionally powered deep-space travel, including photovoltaic cells, fuel cells, and radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTGs). Now NASA is turning its attention to lattice confinement fusion (LCF), a fusion in which hydrogen is bound in a metal lattice, encouraging positively charged nuclei to fuse. These researchers are not alone in their endeavors. Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, with funding from Google Research, achieved favorable results with a similar electron-screened fusion setup.

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